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Purpose: To disseminate date (such as compiled indexes, biographies, queries, repository notes, and internet notes) and commentaries on methodology for individuals researching Woodwards and Woodards (including spelling variations) throughout the United States.

These web pages will be used to carry out the functions of the former WOODWARDs WeSearch Newsletter

Individuals are invited to share information about all Woodward (including spelling variations) families which meets the following criteria.

  • Information is well documented by citing sources to facts which are not commonly known.
  • No information, other than name, is supplied for living persons without their written consent.
  • Copyrights are not violated

WOODWARDs WeSearch Newsletter

WOODWARDs WeSearch was published quarterly in the months of January, April, July, and October from 1991 through 2004 (12 years) by Linda Woodward Geiger, 10718 Big Canoe, Jasper, GA 30143-5133.

The newsletter included

  • Articles describing various record types
  • Indices of records
  • Methodology articles
  • Family histories
  • queries
  • etc.

Each issue consisted of at least seven pages (8-1/2" X 11"). Subscribers are encouraged to submit material for publication and/or for entry into a comprehensive genealogical database. To access the subject index, please click here